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Founded in 1987, Pete’s Brooklyn Eats not just a restaurant, but a cornerstone of the community. Inspired by our parents’ passion for cooking, every dish reflects this love. Beyond serving delightful flavors, we actively support our community with charity initiatives. Our team exemplifies excellent customer service. Here, food, passion, and community unite seamlessly.y.






About Us

With an unwavering commitment to quality and a legacy of 35 years in the business, we are more than just a food establishment. We are a testament to the enduring bond between fresh, delectable cuisine and the heart of our local community. Our journey was inspired by the love our parents infused into their cooking, and that very love continues to be the secret ingredient in every dish we serve. From our roots to your plate, we strive to bring smiles and satisfaction, not only through the delightful flavors we offer but also through our unwavering support for the community. Our friendly and loveable team embodies the spirit of great customer service, and our dedication to charity and donations reflects our deep care for the community we call home. At our core, we are more than just a culinary experience; we are a place where passion, community, and delicious food come together harmoniously.

Our love for food

Our love for food ,makes us always want to give our all in whatever dish we make. The bottom line is that we love what we do and it shows In the end our mom always said ,” if you won’t eat it, then don’t serve it.

Our community

As a family owned business , we believe in giving back to our community in Sunset park. We sponsor many events and donate meals to those in need. We also source our ingredients locally when possible, but always support small businesses around us.


Pete’s Brooklyn Eats

140 58ST BROOKLYN NY 112200

Pete’s Brooklyn Eats

5620 1st ave Brooklyn NY 11220
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